11 New Year's Wishes For You

love-salt.JPGHello everyone and Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely and restful winter break. I missed you all, though the break was really lovely (and also logistically necessary since we had a steady stream of friends and family in and out of our house for 10 days straight). That said, I did remain connected online minimally, primarily in order to complete my participation in a writing initiative called #reverb10, where I reflected daily through December on the closing and coming years. As I went through the posts on the last day of the initiative, I clearly could see simple yet powerful common threads -- and that they translated to 11 New Year's wishes I have for all of you.
Here are my 11 wishes for you all, including links to the back story -- or stories -- on each.

1. Treasure your relationships and communities.

2. Find joy and gratitude in the everyday.

3. Let go of emotional and material baggage.

4. Accept yourself.

5. Take action and seek adventure.

6. Experience the fun and creativity in making stuff.

7. Trust your instincts.

8. Give your body the food it deserves.

9. Trust in your abilities and in the universe.

10. Embrace imperfection.

11. Be present in the moment.

I'm sending you all lots of warm wishes for a wonderful 2011. Thank you for being part of this community!