Beach Gear Favorites

wonder-wheeler-beach-cart.jpgToday, Heather shares a roundup of beach gear favorites that made vacationing with four kids a breeze:

We recently returned from our annual family weekend at the Cape. We love Ridgevale Beach in Chatham. The large, sandy oceanfront beach typically is warm and calm, which makes it ideal for swimming, plus they have a lifeguard on duty. Also, tucked behind the main beach are several large tidal pools that are terrific for younger kids. In my opinion, Ridgevale provides all the amenities a family with young children needs: parking very close to the beach, bathrooms, snack bar, lifeguard.
Given that we were a little uncertain about how to keep three busy three-year-olds + one seven-year-old happy and occupied for three full days at the beach, we spent a bit more time planning and gearing up than we did in previous years. And our research (plus the perfect weather) paid off; my husband and I agreed that it was one of the best weekends away with the kids ever. Here's a round up of our beach gear favorites:

The first challenge always is getting the four kids and all our stuff from the parking lot to the beach. The process typically requires several trips and strong deodorant, but not this year! I purchased the Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Cooler & Beach Chair Cart and it was a lifesaver. We easily made it to the beach in one trip with 4 kids, 2 beach chairs, 1 cooler, 4 boogie boards, 6 beach towels, 1 beach umbrella, changes of clothes for the kids, loads of sunscreen, and 2 baskets full of beach toys. Impressive! This cart rocks!

We hit Christmas Tree Shops and stocked up on beach toys that provided hours upon hours of fun. Boogie boards were a big hit this year. All four kids were able to paddle around the tidal pools, pull each other around, and pretend to surf. Goggles were also a big hit; the kids loved diving underwater looking for dive toys and shells. Nets were a must have his year; the kids spent hours scooping up hermit crabs, snails, and tidal pool creatures. The kids also thought it was hilarious to soak each other (and us) with their water guns and super soakers. Of course, the usual shovel and pails cannot be forgotten either.

I hope these beach recommendations gear are helpful to you. Now that we're suitably geared up, we can't wait to go back!