77kids Do Good Day

77kids-do-good-day.jpgOne of the things that is so sweet about Laurel is that she is so people focused. When she was a toddler, if a friend at day care was crying, she would toddle over and pat them on the back to try to make them feel better. On Sunday she wrote a letter to the Boston Police because she was concerned about people trying to steal the Make Way for Ducklings statues (which I guess makes her duck and people focused). And yesterday, she offered to wash our car just to do something nice for us (she did a great job by the way). It was almost as if Laurel knew that tomorrow, 77 mom bloggers in 11 cities around the country would be inspiring kids to do good. Here's the scoop on what's going down tomorrow:
The 77kids Do Good Day is a national campaign sponsored by 77kids by american eagle (makers of super cute baby and kids clothing, such as this bright funky tutu that Laurel would fah-reak over) and coordinated by the talented ladies over at TheMotherhood. In Boston, my teammates Angela, Audrey, Christy, Jennifer, Jodi, Lynette, Niri, and I have decided to go with a current craze in an effort to help kids see the fun and good of sharing with friends.

Tomorrow from about 10:30 - noon, Team Boston will roam the Aquarium/Rose F. Kennedy Greenway/Christopher Columbus Park areas handing out Silly Bandz and other pay it forward tokens to kids, with the encouraged messaging being to share with others -- and how good that feels. It's a simple and powerful concept that -- through simple acts of kindness -- we hope to inspire kids and parents to think about and discuss; I hope you'll come say hello if you're in the Aquarium area tomorrow!

And for you awesome non-local readers: in addition to Boston, Do Good Day events will be running tomorrow in New York City, Chicago, Danbury, CT, D.C., L.A., Minnesota, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Syracuse. You can check out details for each location at TheMotherhood Do Good Day circle.

Hope to see you tomorrow! And here's to paying it forward not just tomorrow, but every day.