Babywearing With Baby K'Tan

baby-ktan.pngToday, Jules shares her favorite babywearing solution: Baby K'Tan. Read on for Jules's review, as well as to learn how to win a Baby K'Tan sling:

I've tried a million and one different slings (only a slight exaggeration), but when the opportunity arose to test a Baby K'Tan sling, I was intrigued. The double sling structure is different than slings I have used in the past, and the sling looked like it could meet my kids' steadfast preference to be held vertically (and eat vertically, as is the case for my baby girl). In the simplest terms, I will say that I love this sling. But let me tell you more.
We have a collection of carriers and slings collecting dust in my basement because of said vertical orientation preference of my little ones. However, the Baby K'Tan will never make it to the depths of my basement due to the design and comfort it offers. The Baby K'Tan is made of breathable 100% cotton knit fabric that is strong enough to hold a child from birth to 42 pounds (it's true -- I got my big guy into it!). The design consists of two loops of fabric connected by a sliding support band. There are eight different position options for baby, all of which free up your hands to tend to other tasks or other children. The sling allows for positions conducive to nursing your infant, and positions that allow them to be carried upright, reclined, facing in, facing out, or on your front, back, or hip.

The first few times I used the Baby K'Tan, I had to watch the instructional video online, but once you get the hang of it, the sling is easy to use. And this is truly the first sling I have used where I don't feel as if I need to keep my hands hovering under my baby so she won't drop and where I know she is totally comfortable facing in or out.

The Baby K'Tan carrier can be personalized and the neutral color options allow you to get extra bang for your buck (I'm using the sling with my 10-month-old daughter and 2-year-old son). I've used a lot of baby products in the last couple of years, but I will venture to say that for $60, the Baby K'Tan is possibly the best baby product I've ever used. And I think my sling-loving kiddos would agree.

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Congrats to winner Elizabeth!
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Now, want to win a Baby K'Tan sling? Here's how:

  • Visit the Baby K'Tan store locator page, then email (with 'Baby K'Tan' in the subject), and name a location near you where you can purchase these cool slings.

  • One entry permitted per person; US entrants welcome to enter.

  • Entry period closes at midnight EST, Friday, May 14, 2010.

    *One lucky winner (drawn using will receive a pink Baby K'Tan sling in the winner's choice of size (subject to stock availability; value $59.99).

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