Be Out There: Join The Parade

oompa-toys-percussion-set.jpgThe forecast is looking pretty sweet this week, a very good thing for those of us negotiating April vacation week (or, you know, running marathons). Today's Be Out There idea is an easy but fun one: rock an outdoor celebration. Whether you want to introduce your kids to history or simply take in spectacle, there's the Boston Marathon to offer inspiration and the Patriot's Day parades and festivities in Boston (9am), Concord (9am), and Lexington (2pm) to offer reflection. Yes, parades and marathons involve standing once you get there, but there's always a lot of walking getting to and from the sidelines.
And if you're unable to attend these events, why not host your own parade? I've found that some of the most crazy and fun play emerges when we bring indoor toys outside. Whether you're on your own with your kiddo, or can rally some neighborhood kids, grab some musical instruments or household objects to bang on and shake (pots, pans, oatmeal containers filled with dry pasta, etc.) and parade around your backyard or up and down the street.

It sounds a little kooky but whenever Laurel and I do silly stuff like this we have the best time ever.

Image credit: Oompa Toys percussion set