Straight No Chaser Rocks

straight-no-chaser-with-a-twist.jpgThese days I don't often get out to see live music (other than, um, children's music) so it was really fantastic to host some friends this week at the Straight No Chaser concert at the Wilbur Theatre, thanks to the generosity of Atlantic Records. And oh my word, it was awesome. Given that I was a musician in a previous life, I'm a critical listener and was truly impressed by the complexity and cleverness of SNC's arrangements, their phenomenal voices, and also the down to earth nature of the band; the guys are funny and don't take themselves too seriously, making for a show that's part stand-up comedy, part concert.
Yesterday I crawled out of the dark ages and signed up for a YouTube account so I could share the videos I shot from the concert. They include: I'm Yours/Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Billie Jean, and Fix You. Enjoy!

After experiencing their show, I couldn't resist peeking at SNC's tour schedule. Straight No Chaser is touring across the country in the coming months and the last chance to see them in Massachusetts on the current tour is in Northampton this Sunday, April 18 and one of the shows still has tickets available. If you can't get to a concert, consider picking up their With A Twist album, which released this week and is fantastic. As I watched SNC at the concert and as I have listened to them at home, I've been struck by: a) how successfully SNC elevates the a cappella art form; and b) how nice it is that this is music you can enjoy with your kids (the former music teacher in me will be talking to Laurel about the amazing ways in which the human voice can sound like different instruments).

As I mentioned, the members of SNC are very cool and down to earth. They were kind enough to do a little meet and greet with me and my friends before the show and they are so nice. Many thanks to the lovely Jennifer of Hey Girl Momma Go for snapping this picture of me and the guys (click image to enlarge). And thanks SNC for taking the time out of your pre-show routine to hang with us.


Finally, I have three copies of the new With A Twist CD to give away. Simply e-mail with 'Straight No Chaser' in the subject and your mailing address in the e-mail (only to be used for the purpose of facilitating this giveaway) by midnight, Wednesday, April 21, 2010. I hope you love this album as much as I do -- I'm actually listening to it right now, while I'm shoring up this post.

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Congrats to winners Caly, Amanda, and Kim!
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