Spring Full of Science

science-club-for-girls.jpgIt's a spring full of science in Boston. And as a former scientist, I applaud these efforts to make science fun for kids, particularly programming designed to encourage girls to thrive in science alongside boys (I was one of few women in my lab during my postdoctoral fellowship...it made the need to pump in my shared-with-dudes office, well, awkward). Here are three great opportunities to get your kid's science mojo running this and next month:

  • Today marks the first day of the Spring Science Extravaganza hosted by the Science Club for Girls. This series of science education events runs through April and May and starts with a bang with three programs in Boston and Cambridge.

  • Next weekend (April 17) is the Massachusetts Academy of Sciences meeting at the Museum of Science. This event seems a little more hardcore with a $30 fee for non-MAS members (the event is free for MAS members) and a formal keynote, but there also are kids activities scheduled, including access to Dinosaurs Alive!

  • And then from April 24 - May 2, there's the Cambridge Science Festival, which includes an impressive itinerary of activities for the whole family. If you check out the 2010 Schedule of Events page, you can handily sort events by kids & families, teens, and adults.

    Rock on Boston Science Nation! Are there even more science events happening this month that I don't know about? Feel free to comment in below to share with the community.