Holiday Happiness & Raising Charitable Kids

life-style-episode-7.jpgSo fitting for the holiday season, this week's episode of Life.Style was a wonderfully reflective one. Definitely check out the episode if you didn't see it live on Thursday. I chatted about happiness during the holidays with Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project, and about raising charitable children with Carrie Lundell of This Mama Makes Stuff. Check out the episode for full commentary and inspiration, but for easy reference, below are the links I shared during the interviews.
Conversation points with Gretchen Rubin

Getting along with difficult relatives
Are you the person whom everyone finds difficult?
Ideas for starting holiday traditions
Happiness boot camp

Conversation points with Carrie Lundell

Raising charitable children
Example 1: garage sale for a good cause
Example 2: sharing candy with others
Example 3: helping children learn about and cope with hard situations through service (two examples)

Community service resources
65 Ways to Make a Difference
10 Steps for Family Volunteering Fun

Favorite books related to service
52 Weeks of Fun Family Service
Beatrice's Goat

(For more books on service, visit Carrie's Amazon recommendations.)