Eat Your Words

eat-your-words.jpgToday, Lindsey recommends a game that her kids have been rocking. Read on for Lindsey's review, as well as to learn how to win a gift certificate to Creative Toyshop:

My family loves games so I was happy to test out Eat Your Words with the kids for Boston Mamas. We cracked open the game one night before bedtime; my kids were very excited by the game's bright colors, adorable alligator, and child-friendly 3D setup. We played in teams, my husband and 5-year-old son against my 8-year-old daughter and me. My only complaint about this game is that while it says 5+ I think it's better for 7 and up. My son was a bit baffled by the idea of spelling words, particularly because the tiles are in lower case and he is still learning his upper case letters.
However, my daughter -- a voracious reader and writer -- was thrilled. The simplicity of the rules (advance one lily pad at a time, playing either both teams at the same time or individually depending on where the spinner lands) allowed her imagination to flourish when it came to spelling words. She moved letters around, trying out various words, and the way she manipulated the little square tiles reminding me very much of Scrabble.

A couple of details of how you play the game -- particularly the fact that if you lose a round you have to put your letters into the alligator's mouth -- confused me a bit. This might be designed to keep younger children interested, which is fine, but I didn't understand the purpose. No matter -- my kids have continued to play the game and my daughter even exclaimed that she'd love to play it on a play date with a friend. So with the caveat that I'd recommend it for kids 7 and up (or for kids who are comfortable with upper and lower case letters and are working on spelling), I highly recommend Eat Your Words to encourage young wordsmiths.

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