Life.Style Feeding Baby + Photography

life-style-episode-3.jpgWow, I truly cannot get over the awesomeness of episode 3 of Life.Style -- not because of me, but thanks to the amazing guests I had on the show! In this episode, I share an exclusive interview with pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene, who shares advice on how to teach kids to love real food, and then interview talented photographers Tracey Clark, Karen Walrond, and Casey Mullins -- who all offer fantastic tips for shooting great photographs (whether with a point and shoot or DSLR), as well as insightful critiques on amateur shots. It was such a terrific show that I'm thinking of doing a follow up on choosing photography gear as well as great ways to output your photos (e.g., for gifts or home artwork). If you've got specific ideas/questions in these areas, drop me a line!