Luna & Stella's Lovely Rings

luna-stella-stacking-rings.jpgOne of the best gifts I have ever come up with was back when I was in graduate school. For my mother's 60th birthday I enlisted my six siblings to go in on a big gift: a custom designed mother's ring to replace her wedding ring that had been lost (um, thrown out a moving car window by a toddler) many years before. (I wanted to go with custom because everything I saw ready-made on the market looked tacky, plus we needed something that could be styled awesomely to accommodate seven stones.) I've subsequently always loved the idea of mother's jewelry, but for those of us in our childbearing years, many of the options seem so, well, permanent. Which is one of the reasons I fell in love with Luna & Stella's pretty birthstone stacking rings. Read on to learn more about Luna & Stella, as well as how to win a $50 gift certificate to pick out something pretty of your own!
When Luna & Stella shared their collection of birthstone jewelry with me, I immediately gravitated towards the stacking rings. Though delicate and pretty as a single ring, these moon inspired rings create truly lovely impact once stacked. When I was pregnant with Laurel I was superstitious about doing anything too much in advance of her birth, but for many reasons, this time around is different. And seeing Laurel and her sister's birthstones nestled together (not to mention now feeling the baby's very active kicks) makes me feel happy and celebratory, and eager to see how the sisters will get along.

As I mentioned, one of the things I love about these rings as mother's jewelery is that you can add to them. Because even though Jon thinks I'm completely crazy, since I've been experiencing yet another lovely pregnancy, and after all the heartache and confusion I experienced in the three years of uncertainty leading up to learning I was pregnant again, when I discovered that my ovaries weren't, in fact, dead, my first thought was, "This is amazing! I wonder if we should have a third child?"

That, of course, remains to be seen. But at any rate, if we do have a third child, it'll be a cinch to add another moon to my ring stack. And if not, I'm utterly grateful for what we have in the now.

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Congrats to winner Kara!
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Now, want to win a $50 gift certificate to Luna & Stella? Here's how:


  • Hop on over and check out the Luna & Stella, e-mail with "Luna & Stella" in the subject, and tell me your favorite piece of jewelry from their collection.

  • US entrants welcome.

  • Entry period closes at midnight EST, Friday, November 19, 2010.

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