Life.Style Launch!

life-style-with-christine-koh.jpgMy dad used to tell me that I should be a lawyer, diplomat, or talk show host since, well, I love to talk with people. And as it turns out, tomorrow I'll take a step closer to the talk show host thing. I'm thrilled to announce that starting tomorrow, I'll host a weekly live talk video show (like talk radio, but streaming live on the web...apparently you can also tune in via iPhone or iPad) called Life.Style with Christine Koh via The Pulse Network. My goal for the show is to share and connect with people around living well, stylishly, happily, and practically -- I'll cover topics such as green living, parenting, pregnancy, holidays and celebrations, art and design, crafts, and food. Basically anything and everything!
I'm so thrilled! I've already got the first three episodes lined up and they will be awesome, covering content such as easy and tangible tips for living greener (no matter where you are on the green living spectrum), Halloween awesomeness, eating better (even on a budget), and photography...and I've got some spectacular guests lined up. My show will run live from 1-2pm EST on Thursdays (barring some school holidays where Laurel will be the focus of my attention), during which point you are very welcome to call in or tweet with questions. Otherwise, if you can't make that 1-2pm window, you can check out my back episodes on The Pulse Network Lifestyle section.

I hope you'll join me on this journey! And of course feel free to e-mail me if you have questions or if there are topics you'd love to see me cover.

Finally, I must give huge props to my wonderfully creative friend and contributing writer Paige for coming up with the totally fitting show title. It's so web geeky and perfect, don't you think?