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pregnant-belly.jpgHello friends! I know we're coming off a long weekend where I've already taken a couple of days off from blogging (excuse: we were away at the loveliest wedding!), but today I'm going to remain offline because it's my birthday. I don't have major plans (Jon threw me an amazing surprise party last year so I told him to do nothing this year), with the exception that I'll spend most of this morning taking care of prenatal matters (including finding out whether we're having a boy or girl), but I hope to otherwise enjoy some relaxation and reflection today.
So enjoy this wonderful day! And if you're interested, feel free to check out the life list I created to inspire me to look forward to, instead of fret about, turning 37 today.

And finally, one bit of business: please feel welcome to write in if you've got a question for me via the Dear Boston Mamas series. I'm pretty much caught up on my queue and would love to take your questions!

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