Happy Birthday Boston Mamas!

BM_birthday.jpgToday I reflect on the birth of this site, and how we’re going to rock the celebration together:

Even though Boston Mamas is a major part of my identity, it’s still hard for me to believe that today marks the site’s 3rd birthday. At this time three years ago I was wading miserably through my postdoctoral fellowship, probably as close as I’ve ever come to a nervous breakdown. I didn’t officially leave academia until September 2006, but I vividly remember having the “aha!” moment to create the site in June 2006, followed by an intense flurry of writing and designing in the wee hours between Laurel’s nursings (how I was even remotely functional during the day I cannot say), and the site’s launch just a few weeks later, on July 9, 2006. After three years of professional dissatisfaction and major dysfunction with my advisor, my creative spirit finally was reawakened and moving forward.
There’s been no shortage of excitement in the last three years, whether it has been technical debilitation, getting dumped for my first TV interview because I wouldn’t allow the producers to film footage of Laurel on the potty, recruiting contributing writers, wrestling with the one company who stiffed me on sponsorship fee (though at least they delivered the prize to the winner), starting the Boston Mamas mamapreneur business network and Boston Mamas local parent resource page, having my web host pull the plug on me without notice, introducing the Boston Mamas Rock! series, designing cute tees, meeting amazing bloggers through events, battling it out with Boston.com, or receiving all sorts of generous and kind press and accolades that still stun me to this day.

But beyond all of these ups and downs, the thing that keeps me grounded is YOU. There’s no point to doing what I’m doing unless I’m creating content that is interesting, informative, and useful, and if there are people who are reading this content. Even though I regret not having the time to respond to every piece of correspondence, I love reading your thoughtful comments and emails and I am so grateful that people take the time to hop on the site amidst their very busy days.

I’m completely candid with people about the fact that of all the professional hats I wear (blogger, graphic designer, freelance writer and editor) Boston Mamas is the least lucrative (i.e., via the very obvious advertising tiles…do I need to say again how much I hate advertorials?) but the most time consuming. But in lots of ways it's also the most interactive and rewarding. I'm so grateful this site is part of my life.

Now, on to the celebration. I love a good party and I love presents and since Boston Mamas readers actually tag in from all over the map, we're going to rock an online party. I have rounded up a collection of awesome and generous sponsors who are donating fabulous goods to be won. All you need to do is stop by daily, and when you see a birthday giveaway post that features an item you’d like to win, enter per the instructions.

I’ll close here with a final thank you for being a Boston Mamas reader. And now I’m off to launch the first birthday giveaway!