Fast & Eco-Friendly Grilling

flamedisk.JPGToday, Evadne’s husband Ray kindly steps in with a guest review of the FlameDisk, an eco-friendly alternative to charcoal grilling:

“I’m a BBQ snob and grill only with charcoal. I was a skeptic of the FlameDisk; however, I also was curious about how it would perform. It's touted as a no-hassle charcoal alternative that is eco-friendly (I guess charcoal is bad for the environment) and gives you 45 minutes of grill time.
I had put off trying the FlameDisk because of my love for charcoal, but the opportunity finally presented itself the other night. I had promised my wife that I would grill for dinner, but I ended up coming back from work later then I expected and the kids were hungry. The charcoal grill would take 15 minutes to get going…I immediately felt the FlameDisk beckoning. I could have dinner ready in 15 minutes.

I opened the packaging, placed the FlameDisk in the grill, and lit it on the first try with an almost silent poof. At first I wasn't sure if it was lit since the sunlight drowned out the flames; however, there was clearly a strong heat coming from the disk. A few seconds later, I had hot dogs on the grill. Convenient.

It was a little windy that day and I noticed that the flames from the disk would dance and never quite stay in one spot (which was problematic in keeping a steady heat source). I found that putting the lid on the grill kept the heat in and protected the flame from the wind. After a few minutes, the hot dogs were ready. Next up were the boneless chicken thighs. Using the same approach, the thighs cooked quickly and I got a nice sear (click on thumbnail above to enlarge image). Everything looked tasty and was done within 15 to 20 minutes of lighting the FlameDisk.

Now the true test: the taste. My wife and kids didn't notice any difference and thought everything was yummy. And while I missed the deep smoky flavor I get from charcoal, the food was still tasty and I could detect hints of smokiness. I also appreciated that my hair and clothing didn't stink of smoke.

So it appears, even as a charcoal and BBQ snob, I've found a place for the FlameDisk. It's definitely clean and convenient...and with three hungry little mouths to feed, getting food to the table quickly is a big deal.”