Grainy Good Deeds

bread-art-boston-mamas.jpgWhether or not you’re minding your carbs, here’s a terrific way to engage in some guilt-free, grain-related goodness. The Bread Art Project, Grain Foods Foundation, and Feeding America have partnered to help fight hunger in a remarkably creative, easy, and free manner. Simply create a piece of digital bread art by the end of June (uploading and “toasting” an image – such as one of my cute Boston Mamas buttons - literally takes seconds, or you’re welcome to play with their fancier freehand tools), and for each slice artistically rendered, Grain Foods Foundation donates $1 to Feeding America. Amazingly, a $1 donation equals 7 meals, 10 pounds of food, or 4 bags of groceries. Good deeds just don’t get easier or more inspired than that.