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fireworks.jpgI’ve palpably felt the heat of fireworks in the blogosphere lately, no doubt due at least in part to reactions to a certain family reality show, the tension that can come from stratifying moms via accolades, general mommy war matters, and this whole business with the Federal Trade Commission and mom blogs. Here are some links that caught my eye around the web this week per Love These Links!, where I share clever, resourceful, thought provoking, and/or hilarious links that I think would be of interest to the fabulous readers who peruse Boston Mamas. Enjoy!

  • Mommy Track’d: Leslie Morgan Steiner writes about the tendency to attack, not support, mothers.

  • Manic Mommies: In response to some negative listener feedback, Erin Martin Kane asks whether you celebrate life’s joys or detail your problems when you get together with other moms.

  • Momversation via Parenthacks: Bloggers weigh in on the media’s portrayal of moms.

  • Mom-101: Liz Gumbinner’s take on the business with the Federal Trade Commission and ensuing mommyblog turf wars.

  • Marketing Roadmaps: Susan Getgood distills the Federal Trade Commission legalese and makes recommendations for bloggers.

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