Love These Links!

heartlinks.jpgIt’s been a busy (and rather spicy) week in the mom blogosphere. Here’s what caught my eye around the web – including marketing ideas for mom bloggers and PR folks, the power of online solidarity for fitness, and the latest in mom guilt and nursing wars - per Love These Links!, where I share clever, resourceful, thought provoking, and/or hilarious links that I think would be of interest to the fabulous readers who peruse Boston Mamas. Enjoy!

  • Marketing Roadmaps: Advice in the wake of another bumbling corporate outreach effort to bloggers.

  • Mom-101: On bloggers and self promotion (the photos are especially hilarious!)

  • Motherhood Uncensored | Shredheads: Via Twitter, Kristen rallied about 50 online junkies (present company included, blogging it at Pop Discourse) to get off their laptops and engage in a 30-day Jillian Michaels shredding challenge (warning: profanity!).

  • Picket Fence Post: Mom guilt in the media

  • NursingGate 2009: A blogger nurses another woman’s child at a conference and another blogger reports her distaste for this occurrence. All hell breaks loose.

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    Image credit: Sterling heart links from beadFX