The Joy of Pregnancy

joyofpregnancy.jpgToday, Jules reviews The Joy of Pregnancy, a book that goes beyond the typical pregnancy tome, offering a fresh perspective that allows readers to forget their fears and see the joy in being pregnant. Read on for Jules’ review, and then learn how to be one of five winners to receive a copy of The Joy of Pregnancy:

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“I’m pregnant. Again. It really was not that long ago when I was pregnant for the first time (almost 12 months, actually), but I have forgotten so much of what I so diligently studied and learned that first time that I have committed myself to relearning and trying to treat this pregnancy with all the unexpected joys of the first.

As expectant mothers, we have our choice of an array of tomes for pregnant women, but The Joy of Pregnancy is one that truly feels unique. The lighthearted tone is ideal for anxious mothers-to-be like me, and while the book is chock full of information, it reads more like an encouraging, realistic group of articles rather than a biology book.

Written by perinatal registered nurse Tori Kropp, The Joy of Pregnancy treats pregnancy in such a relaxed, conversational, and honest way that it feels more like a friend writing you a note rather than a how-to book. Throughout the book, there are sections called “Ask Tori,” where real readers’ questions are answered, and it is one of the aspects of the book that makes it so inviting. The book is organized by month, so it is easy to follow, and the information is not overwhelming or suffocating. Additionally, the names of the chapters resonate with the reader; for example, “Choices and Cravings” (um, yes, I have experienced both cravings and poor choices!), “Turning the Corner” (ahh, I welcomed the second trimester with open arms!), and “Are We There Yet?” (Seriously, have I been pregnant forever? It certainly feels that way…), and provide the genuine feeling that we are not alone in our worries, habits, and fears about the pregnancy process and impending labor.

The fun facts and the sections just for Dad also make this book unique, but the joy and excitement interlaced throughout the body of the book make it truly special. Kropp has successfully translated the same information that many other pregnancy books provide, but her fresh perspective allows readers to forget their fears and really see the joy.”

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Congrats to winners Michelle, Phyllis, Christy, Gabriel, & Lachelle!
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Now, want to be one of five winners to receive a copy of The Joy of Pregnancy? Here’s how:

  • Visit the Joy of Pregnancy retailer page, then email (with ‘Joy’ in the subject), and name one of the stores where you can buy the book.

  • One entry permitted per person; US entrants welcome to enter.

  • Entry period closes at noon EST, Friday, February 20, 2009.