Pass The Candy

halloween-candy.jpgIf you're like us, you're overrun with Halloween candy. I subsequently was thrilled to read Fairly Odd Mother's post about ways to put the candy to good use; namely, by donating the loot to troops overseas. Check out the leads Christina culled, as well as those by Cool Mom Picks. And if you're looking for local drop offs, bring your Halloween candy to Magic Beans (all 3 locations) through November 10 and trade it for 25% off a toy, or to Wellesley Dental Group where they'll buy back paper lunch bags full of candy for $1 then donate the candy to the troops (through November 13).
Laurel is totally on board with this plan and already has set aside candy for donation and made a card (pictured below) to include. I also offered to the other families in Laurel's kindergarten class to coordinate a shipment from the class, such that I'll be collecting candy and cards from families this week and will ship it all out over the weekend.


Image credits: 1 (Wellesley Dental Group); 2 (Christine Koh)