Sticker Solution

daninotes.bmpToday, April reviews a simple and stylish gifting solution in Dani Note’s personalized stickers. Read on for her review, as well as to learn how to win a set of personalized note cards with matching gift stickers from Dani Notes!
“I really love cards but I never remember them. Ever. I can juggle an amazing array of activities and projects, but this one always stumps me. We are those people who have a blast shopping for a present, make it a family affair to wrap it, and then have to scrawl on it with a Sharpie once we get where we’re going. I decided not to stress about it and let it go. Cards always fall off, anyway, right? Stickers are much, much better.

We picked out simple bird motif stickers printed with our daughter’s name from Dani Notes. We’ve stuck them onto presents and packages (and even to seal up a brown-bag lunch). Our daughter has an accent in her name, and sometimes that gets translated into an apostrophe or is left out entirely, but Dani Notes got it perfectly right. I expected the sticker to be slightly glossy, but the paper is matte, making it easy to write on with a pencil, a ballpoint pen, or a crayon. That’s in case we want to add a little message to the already adorable bird.

Now, even though we might forget the card - which we will, without fail - the recipient isn’t left in that awkward position of wondering who to thank or who the gift is from. You also don’t have to be on hand to holler out, “Oh, that one’s from us!” when they pick up your skillfully wrapped cadeau. Also, we save them the pretense of carefully opening and reading each card before tearing into the wrapped present. That seems too much to ask of young kids - or grandparents.

With a wide array of images, like boats, alligators, and birds, most kids’ styles are covered. I’m thinking of going back and getting some of the more grown-up styles with the family name.

Oh, and for those of you who can remember cards, check out the note and enclosure cards. Like the stickers, they come in kid, monogram, and grown-up styles.”

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Congrats to winner Jill D.!
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Now, want to win a set of note cards with matching gift stickers from Dani Notes*? Here’s how:

  • Visit the Dani Notes website, then email (with ‘Dani Notes’ in the subject), and name a favorite design.

  • One entry permitted per person; US entrants welcome to enter.

  • Entry period closes at midnight EST, Friday, July 18, 2008.

    *The winner will receive a set of note cards with matching gift stickers of their choice.

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