Banner Day Everyday

postitbanner.jpgToday, April shares a favorite craft time solution - Post-it Banner Roll - that allows her budding artist to think big, while providing a cool (celebratory, even) way to display the artwork afterwards. Read on for April’s review, as well as to learn how to win a Post-it Banner Roll!

“In our home, paints, crayons, watercolors markers, and colored pencils are a big part of life. As you can imagine, our little artist needs a suitably large surface on which to work her (fairly messy) magic. We have a wide selection of papers for nearly every mood or project. Often, we tape down large sheets of 11 x 17 paper to our daughter’s craft table. However, for the last couple of months, painting and coloring has become a sort of athletic event - it’s not a question of staying inside any lines (overrated, I think you’ll agree); rather, it’s become more about staying within the confines of the paper itself. Sometimes, the 11 x 17 sheets just don’t measure up to the immense vision of a pint-sized Pollock.

We needed a huge area of paper that absolutely will not budge from the table. To the rescue is Post-it Banner Roll. Sure, it’s meant for things like “Happy Birthday” banners, but it’s a genius tool for plain old coloring and painting. This long roll of paper is backed with super-sticky Post-it removable adhesive. It doesn’t move around or peel up, and my daughter is free to think seriously large. I simply unroll the paper like tin foil and cover an entire side of her craft table, and my be-smocked child then channels her messiest artiste and works her way down the table with an uninterrupted canvas available to her. There’s no more fumbling for a fresh sheet of paper when her hands are covered with wild paint colors, (while I pray she won’t dart for the furniture if the paper doesn’t get in place soon). After the oeuvre is complete, we have a large banner of her latest work—and that looks even cooler than little sheets of paper covering the kitchen walls.

The banner roll is 12 inches tall and comes in two lengths: 40 feet and 50 feet. You can find it at Pearl and other art supply shops. You can also find it at the 3M online store, and the 50 foot roll currently is available at Amazon.”

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Congrats to winner Catherine D.!
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Now, want to win a Post-it Banner Roll*? Here’s how:

  • Simply email, with ‘Banner’ in the subject and include your shipping address in the email. (This information will be kept private and will simply be used to expedite shipping to the winner.)

  • One entry permitted per person; US entrants only.

  • Entry period closes at midnight EST, Thursday, May 29, 2008.

    *Winner will receive a 40 foot Post-it Banner Roll.