Ultima Replenisher

ultima.gifWhether you’re chasing children or the elusive carrot dangling in front of you on the treadmill, you need to rehydrate. Today, Sharon reports on a beverage that will get you balanced in no time, Ultima Replenisher. Read on for her review, and also to learn how to be one of 5 winners to receive Wild Raspberry Ultima Kids!
“Playing is hard work. And I notice my dehydration after a morning running around with my niece, as well as after I’ve hit the gym. And with the warm temperatures (hopefully fast) approaching, the need for hydration without the excessive calories and artificial dyes is a must. A restorative pick is Ultima Replenisher, a natural, low caloric energy drink that is free of artificial flavorings, colors, or sweeteners.

I first was introduced to Ultima through my yoga studio and it is a perfect complement to the practice, rebalancing without bogging me down by sugar after sweating in the 95-degree room. Ultima is full of electrolytes and vitamins and has been used by athletes, moms and moms-to-be’s, and patient populations (apparently nutritionists at Dana-Farber have recommended Ultima to help cancer patients stay hydrated). A great drink alternative for kids and adults alike, my favorite flavor is kiwi-strawberry but the raspberry and lemon are also tasty.

I haven’t tried Ultima Kids, but evidently this pediatric electrolyte formula was designed - with input from pediatricians, kids, and parents - for little ones who are ready to move beyond milk and water. The beverage can be enjoyed generally, or provide kids with an electrolyte boost when they’re sick.”

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Now, here’s how to be one of 5 winners to receive Wild Raspberry Ultima Kids!

  • Click over to the Ultima Replenisher store locator, then email contests@bostonmamas.com (with ‘Ultima’ in the subject) and name a location where you can get Ultima Replenisher.

  • One entry permitted per person; US entrants welcome.

  • Entry period closes tonight at midnight EST, Wednesday, April 9, 2008.