First Juice

firstjuice.jpgMost kids seem to say ‘yay’ to sugar and mess and ‘nay’ to veggies, but here’s a nifty way to cut down on the former and increase the latter, at least in the drink department. First Juice is a new line of organic, sippy top fruit/vegetable juices (apple + carrot, banana + carrot) that are cut with purified water and fortified with calcium and vitamins A, C, and D. The end result is a more mild drink (43-49% juice) that will still give your kid the juice experience, minus the sugar rush.
First Juice was designed for 6-30 month-olds, but I think this juice is great for preschoolers too, especially given the need to collectively negotiate sugar intake as the desire for cookies, brownies, etc. grows. We resisted juice boxes for a long time – until they became undeniably prevalent at parties and play dates – and our compromise has been to only buy the small ones (around 4 oz.). But juice boxes still aren’t ideal in transit, so the First Juice sippy top bottle is a great solution to reduce both spills and waste. Once your kid drains the 8 oz. sippy bottle, you can just refill it (or use your own sippy cup) from the 32 oz. bottles.

If you’re interested in trying out First Juice, FJ is offering two cases of their product to the first 50 moms to sign up to host a tasting party for five friends + toddlers. Also, the folks at First Juice have offered to send free samples to a limited number of our readers if you want to taste the juice before signing up to host a party. Just email them at and mention Boston Mamas.

Christine KohComment