Party to Playground

vincent1.jpgLaurel recently has grown particularly opinionated and independent regarding fashion; she wants to pick her outfit from the skivvies forward and dress herself. And while this new level of independence takes more time (particularly compared to my habit of dressing her based on what's on top of her clean, unfolded laundry pile), the slowdown is made up for by the ease with which she now chooses her shoes.

I’ve reported before on Vincent, but this line – which includes everything from sporty to blingy to springy to waterproof – has some great spring picks that have made Laurel’s process of shoe elimination fast and easy. The Emilia’s are fabulously sparkly, comfortable, and easy to get in and out of independently. Essentially, Laurel can feel like a princess (yes, we’re in full blown, peer-inspired princess mode) without clomping around in sure-to-break-an-ankle princess dress up heels. The Emilia’s are billed as party shoes, but they are in fact comfortable enough to hit the playground. Laurel would wear these every outing if she could, but for the sake of preserving the glittery finish, we’ve compromised that it’s fine for her to wear them anywhere except to the park.

vincent2.jpgAnd for said park outings, the Chrissy shoes are a great girly yet sporty spring pick. Built with playground romping in mind, they’re comfortable, flexible, and sturdy yet lightweight – the latter of which I find particularly important to accommodate the clunky, rapidly growing feet factor. The perforated, tongue-free design also makes the shoes nice and breathable, and like the Emilia’s, the Velcro closures make it easy for kids to handle the shoes independently. Of the color offerings, I’d recommend the brown and pink Chrissy’s; they’re cute as cupcakes and they’ll hide dirt.

In short, Vincent has continued to do well by little feet via their hip aesthetic, fine construction, and versatile offerings (despite the angle of this review, yes, they have plenty of boy shoes!). And really, if you have a daughter who resists getting out the door in the morning, get her a pair of Emilia’s. Your problems will be long gone.

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