Refuel Your Tank

parentingwkshp.bmpAs joyful as it is to parent children as they become increasingly communicative and independent, those developments also can, at times, test even the most patient parents. For those who feel as if they’re running on fumes, head to Lynn Lyons and Christine Cook’s Refueling Your Parenting Tank workshop on March 9 at the JCC in Newton. Parents will learn how to work through button-pushing moments and difficult transitions with kids, and the buzz on this workshop – geared towards parents of 3-10 year olds – is that Lyons and Cook are talented educators who provide parents with the ideas and communicative tools needed to refuel and hit the ground running.

Want to win two registrations to this workshop (bring a partner or friend!)? Simply email by Feb. 22 (with ‘Refuel’ in the subject).

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