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immaculatebaking.jpgShort on time this holiday season? Today, Evadne shares a great entertaining shortcut in Immaculate Baking’s Better Bakes organic cookie dough collection. Read on for her review, as well as to learn how to be one of five winners to receive a package of Better Bakes organic cookie dough!
“Baking is one activity that is next to nonexistent in my household, largely (and selfishly) because my husband and I both prefer savory foods to sweets. We enjoy cooking, but baking requires more of an effort from us. As a result, my two little ones (4 years and 21 months) are sadly deprived of home-baked goods. So it was out of mild guilt that I jumped at the opportunity to try out Immaculate Baking Company's Better Bakes. My motivation changed, however, when the cookie dough arrived and I laid eyes on the fun packaging covered with colorful and original folk art. All of a sudden, I found myself excited to get cracking and start baking!

Better Bakes promises "super easy" to bake cookies and they certainly deliver; the cookie dough comes pre-portioned, requiring you only to place and space the pieces on an ungreased baking sheet, then pop them in the oven. Ten to fifteen minutes later, you have 24 freshly baked, ready-to-eat cookies! In fact, the process is so simple that I was able to crank out three batches of 24 while hosting a large dinner party! The guests totally relished the warm, moist cookies after dinner with some tea. Our guests were big fans of the Chocolate Chunk, while members of my family gravitated toward the Oatmeal Raisin. The Peanut Butter cookies didn't go as fast due to nut sensitivities in the group, but I personally think that they and the Vanilla Sugar cookies are also very good - not overly sweet and just the right texture (neither too chewy or too crunchy). The cookie dough also is available in Triple Chocolate Chunk (which we didn't have a chance to test but for which I will definitely keep an eye out at the stores).

To add to their yummy-ness, Better Bakes cookies are made primarily of organic ingredients, and without any trans fat, preservatives, or artificial flavors. So you can go ahead and enjoy these goodies relatively guilt-free this holiday season! And as you munch away, know that you are at the same time making a contribution to two programs supported by Immaculate Baking: the Folk Artist's Foundation (which celebrates and promotes the life and works of folk artists) and the Soul Food Fund (which seeks to nurture art and creativity in children). Now isn't that just icing on the cake?”

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Congrats to winners Marla, Beth, Stephanie Gaye, & Elizabeth!
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Now, want to be one of five winners to receive a package of Better Bakes cookie dough*? Here's how:

  • Visit the Immaculate Baking store locator page, then email (with ‘Baking’ in the subject), and name a store that carries Immaculate Baking products + include your shipping address. (Note: your information will be kept private; addresses are collected here solely for the purpose of expediting the Immaculate Baking giveaway.)

  • One entry permitted per person; US entrants welcome to enter.

  • Entry period closes at noon EST, Wednesday, December 24, 2008.

    *Five lucky winners each will receive a coupon for one complimentary 14 ounce package of Better Bakes organic cookie dough!

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