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profoundbeauty.jpgToday, Kristin shares her raves for Profound Beauty, a customized hair care system that delivers serious results. Read on for her review, as well as to learn how to win a personalized assortment of products from the Profound Beauty collection (approximately $200 value!).
“Most women I know love products of all kinds. Once, when I was a bartender, a customer told me that he and his buddy had just spent $400 at Sears. When I asked what he had purchased, he beamed and stated, ‘Tools baby, but you wouldn't understand what I mean,’ to which I replied, ‘Let me loose in a beauty supply store and I can beat that spending spree by a mile.’

So when Profound Beauty is a salon quality hair care line that is basically customized for every need. To figure out what you need, answer their entire online questionnaire (“Find your routine” section). This will produce a complete, detailed report on what products will work best for your hair type and scalp. Everything from shampoo to styling gel is designed with hair type in mind. And these products DELIVER! They made a believer out of me (and I'm a super skeptic).

To best describe the effectiveness of this product line, first let me give you my hair profile. My hair is long, brown, and very wavy. It's oily within 24 hours of washing. If I use any type of hair serum, my hair and scalp look like you could fry an egg on it in about 6 hours, yet on some days, it's more on the normal side (kind of like “combination hair”). Since turning 40, the grey is coming in so now I color it on a regular basis, and sometimes highlight if I have the money and 2 hours of leisure time. Based on this information, here is the breakdown of what Profound Beauty recommended and how it works.

1. Shampoo & Conditioner

Profound Beauty's shampoo and conditioners are referred to as the ANATOMY line. They recommended the 90/10 shampoo and 05/95 conditioner. Both smell amazing and the shampoo is free of sodium laurel sulfate and sodium chloride, which means long lasting hair color protection, low sudsing, and clean rinsing. So, you won't have piles of bubbles when you lather, but your hair – literally – gets squeaky clean. The conditioner rinses easily and the fragrance lasts into the later part of the day. My hair stayed freshly washed looking for 2 DAYS!

And there was another unexpected, amazing result. Since having my second baby, my hair has been falling out (common, from what I understand). Normally when I step out of the shower, there is a pile of hair. But after using the ANATOMY line, I found only a few strands in the tub. And it wasn’t just because my hair just stopped falling out; when I went back and used my other shampoos, out came the hair again. Amazing.

2. Styling Products

As far as styling goes, the possibilities are endless. The line is divided up into categories. For example, the HUSH line is for frizz and fly away control. The STYLIST line is used for basic styling, and the breakthrough part of their line is that the ATMOSPHERE line does exactly what it sounds like - mimics the atmosphere (i.e., ‘arctic chill’ delivers an icy high shine to hair). (Another part of the collection is the STRUCTURE finishing collection, but that wasn’t recommended based on my profile.)

a. ANATOMY Primping spray

This product smells fantastic. It's designed to prep your hair for heavy duty styling such as blow drying and flat ironing. It makes your hair super soft, provides protection from UV rays, and its lightweight formula and spray application makes for thorough distribution. You can use this product even if you aren't planning to torch you hair with a heat-seeking missile like a flat iron. Either way your hair is soft and not weighed down whatsoever!

b. HUSH Frizz Zero Spray

The name on this one says it all. Zero frizz, easy pump spray, great smell, easier blow drying, and helps hair resist humidity. It won't weigh your hair down and once again, like the primping spray, delivers.

c. STYLIST Curl Glaze

This was my all time favorite. It made my wavy hair into super curls with one application. It dispenses as a foamy mousse but when you rub your hands together prior to application it morphs into a sticky gel-like texture. I applied it to my clean, wet head, scrunched and twisted my hair, and let it air dry. My curls were so corkscrew-like I could have opened a wine bottle with one. They never frizzed out or lost their elasticity. Loved it!

d. STYLIST Linear Serum

Your basic hair serum but with a twist. NO OILY RESIDUE! Just put a few pumps in the palm of your hand, apply to towel dried hair, style as usual, and voila - amazingly straight, no flyaways, and soft beyond belief. Not to mention that even with this in my hair, I still did not need to wash it for 2 days. I actually applied it after blowing and straightening. This was my other favorite in this line for sure.

e. ATMOSPHERE Tropical Dew

This product plumps and gives a very wet look to your hair, but here's the great thing about it. Think back to the days of Tenax and Dippity Do, when you wanted that wet slick look, but the product left your hair feeling like straw and left white flakes. This product does no such thing in the texture department. It does leave your hair slick and extremely wet looking. But your hair remains super soft with no straw-like texture. I used it to lacquer my hair into a pony tail and my layers remained attached to my head even in the windy autumn of Boston.


Clearly, I found this line unbelievably effective and will continue to use it. There are only two potential drawbacks. First, similar to other salon lines, these products are more expensive than drugstore products. But if your budget is tight, I would recommend buying Profound Beauty and alternating it with your inexpensive hair products to make it last longer. And second, the name doesn’t do the product justice. Profound Beauty does not sound like a line I would purchase in a salon, it sounds like QVC brand (not that there's anything wrong with QVC…). I just feel that the name Profound Beauty isn’t sleek enough for the product it represents because it’s not just sleek, it's glorious!”

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Congrats to winner Roxy!
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Now, want to win a personalized assortment of products from the Profound Beauty collection*? Here’s how:

  • Visit the Profound Beauty salon locator page, then email (with ‘Profound Beauty’ in the subject), and name a salon that carries Profound Beauty products.

  • One entry permitted per person; US entrants welcome to enter.

  • Entry period closes at noon EST, Sunday, December 21, 2008.

    *One lucky winner will receive a personalized assortment of Profound Beauty products (customized through the "Find Your Routine" process)! Value = approximately $200!