Signing With Baby

babysigningtime.jpgLooking for a way to communicate with your preverbal baby? Today, Evadne shares her raves for Signing Time’s baby sign language DVD series and accompanying music CDs. Read on for her review, as well as to learn how to win a four-volume Baby Signing Time gift set!

“When my son was about nine months old, we began to explore the world of sign language. I had heard some of the benefits of teaching preverbal infants to sign but, to be honest, I didn't think I really had it in me to learn - and pass on - more than a few words such as "eat," "more," and "please."

Then I heard from a couple of mom friends about Signing Time, a company founded by a mother of two girls with disabilities and special needs. My mom friends raved about the Signing Time DVD series and their accompanying music CDs, and shared how their children (including one who has special needs) were starting to use their hands to communicate. So I decided to give sign language a shot and picked up the Baby Signing Time DVD set.

From the moment we sat down to watch the first DVD, my son was mesmerized by the images of fellow little ones using their hands to talk. And I actually found it fun to learn alongside him! Together we were like sponges, absorbing the words being taught through image and song. And listening to the CDs of catchy tunes in the car further helped the osmosis process. The words we picked up were relevant and easy to incorporate throughout our days - while getting dressed, during mealtime, at play, preparing for naps or bedtime.

After a few short months, my son started using his hands to sign "plane," "ball," "shoes," "frog," and "water." I was thrilled to learn what was going through his little head! Once, while in the mall, he signed "star" and, looking around, I spotted a lady with a shopping bag sporting the Macy's red star logo. On another occasion, when my son was crawling up the stairs (with me coming up behind him), he suddenly turned around to sign "help." And, after looking down to figure out what was the matter, I realized that my foot was stepping on his shoelace, halting his climb.

Even today, my son (nearly four years old now) delights in learning new signs alongside his 19-month-old sister. He will sign "shark" while talking excitedly about Bruce in Finding Nemo, while she will happily sign "horse" rocking away energetically on our rocking horse. It has truly amazed me to realize how this silent language has given voice to my little ones from such an early age. So now, thanks to Signing Time, I'm a true believer in all the benefits that sign language professes to offer: stimulating early learning and strong language skills, increasing communication and comprehension between parents and their young children, and reducing infant frustrations and toddler tantrums. I only wish that learning another language could be as easy and fun, as well as beneficial, for my whole family!”

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