DIY Halloween

craftzine.jpgFollowing my absurd foray into making Laurel’s big yellow grape costume two years ago, I’ve been all about easy or recycling-based costumes. And for those looking to shore up costumes this weekend, check out Craft’s feature on 5 DIY costumes that can be made with household materials, plus a little support from your local craft store. The ideas are cute as is, or I like that the concepts can serve to inspire other costumes (e.g., sushi to bunch o’ grapes, Lego to robot, bee to fairy, etc.). Don’t be scared off when you see the instruction length of the first costume (pirate); the following 4 costumes are less complicated. And if your kid is old enough, enlist their help assembling the costume; it’ll make for a fun activity to do together and they’ll likely be even more proud to wear it.