Breakfast for Mom

breakfast.jpgIf you’ve ever doubted the power of books, and the lessons that kids can learn from them, it’s time to start believing. In August we reviewed the Tessy & Tab Reading Club. I was not part of the review team but we do have some samples of the readers kicking around, and periodically Laurel likes to read through all of them; they’re simple stories about life experiences such as planting a garden, visiting the doctor, riding an airplane, and making Mom breakfast in bed.

This past Sunday may go down in history as one of my Best Mom Mornings Ever. Laurel woke up, called out for Jon, I hear little feet padding into the room, and then Laurel says, “Mom, would you like breakfast in bed? I want to make Breakfast for Mom [the name of a Tessy & Tab story]” She took my order, Jon and Laurel disappeared downstairs, I got to burrow under the blankets and fall asleep for an extra 15 minutes, and then I got to drink my coffee and eat my toast with peanut butter and banana (yes, I am 9) in bed with my family. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Whether or not breakfast is involved, keep reading with your kids!

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