With A Little Help From My Friends

running.jpgNeed help hanging with that health and fitness resolution? Today, Sharon shares a motivating means to do just that: by committing to a fitness goal/event with friends.

“Ah, January, a time for resolutions. And if you are like many people, the resolution to be on the path to fitness and better health was probably among the top 10 on your list. Personal health quests can take many forms and I have found great motivation in committing to a friend and event, as well as to myself. This January I made a pact with two friends to run both a half marathon and a full marathon by the end of the year. I have found that running not only offers a sanctuary to get fit while clearing your head before, during, or at the end of a busy day; it also evidences an incredibly inspiring and supportive community.

Unlike a group sport, in running, you can choose your level of interaction and likeminded people emerge for events. Although at larger events the use of a stroller or running with pets is prohibited, smaller local events hold a special community quality where you see the same people repeatedly, and even see whole families participating, whether it be via running, strolling, having a wee one “run” the last 10 yards across the finish line with a parent, or by being one of the many wonderful spectators. And if the thought of running, jogging, or shuffling seems daunting, there are many websites that offer helpful advice to get you going. One of my favorites is Cool Running; this site offers training tips, running news, event information, and also motivational thoughts. Check them out, and if you feel ready for a new challenge, find a pal with the same goal, commit to an event, lace up your sneakers, and enjoy the time you are taking to do something for yourself. Hope to see you at Boston's Run to Remember or The Mount Desert Island Marathon!”

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