Reading and History for Children


We’re big fans of the amazing resources and services that public libraries offer (and if you're an avid library user, be sure to check out the independently run library elf service that reminds you to return your books...). Today, Kate shares information on another hidden treasure of Boston that no doubt will enhance your babe's love of books:
"As a parent of small children, you may find that you spend more time at the library than you have since high school or college. Many public libraries offer not only well-loved collections of board books, picture books, toys, and puzzles, but also a wealth of programming for babies and kids. These activities - story hours, sing-alongs, puppet shows - can encourage little ones to become lifelong lovers of reading and users of libraries, while also providing important socializing opportunities. The city of Boston is fortunate to be home not only to the first public library in the United States but also to The Boston Athenaeum, a private library that offers a wonderfully welcoming environment to families and children. Located on historic Beacon Hill, the Athenaeum is a membership organization (the simple application process requires only references from friends or colleagues) that provides access both to one of the most interesting and important privately held book collections in the United States and to a delightful suite of rooms and reading spaces for children. With a dedicated staff of children's librarians, weekly reading events for children of various ages, and a richly-resourced children's collection, the Athenaeum is a hidden treasure for families who want to introduce their children to the magic of reading."