July marks the 1st birthday of Boston Mamas, and September will mark a year since I left research to make a go of it on my own professionally. I feel grateful every day for making the jump, but - not surprisingly - working independently brings a new set of challenges to the family system, such as feeling more (self imposed) pressure to take care of mundane household chores when I’m working at home, or dealing with the assumption that it’s easy for me to pick up the child care slack if Laurel gets sick or a family care arrangement disappears (e.g., earlier this week I found out from Sharon that my mom wouldn’t, in fact, be coming over to take care of Laurel as planned because she had flown South for a couple of days).

If you’re looking for solidarity in the struggle for balance, reader Julia from Newton wrote in to suggest Flux by Peggy Orenstein. Julia writes, “[It is] a wonderful book about the choices women make (or default into) about their lives.”