Drawbridge Puppets


Some people are a little spooked by marionettes, but I have to admit that they hold a little place in my heart due to repeated childhood viewings of The Sound of Music.

Through the remainder of February, marionettes will bring Cinderella to life at the Drawbridge Puppet Theater in Lunenburg. Tickets are $5; show times are 10am and 11:30am (this and next Saturday) and 1pm (this and next Sunday). Drawbridge also has added shows to accommodate next week’s school vacation, and at a workshop following next Friday’s show (Feb. 23) kids can create puppets to take home for an additional $5. The theater also offers birthday party services.

Drawbridge Puppet Theater, 1335 Mass. Ave. (Rte 2A), Lunenburg; Tel: 800-401-3694 or 978-582-6565.

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