Giant Apple Spirals


In my new life as an independent contractor, I’m constantly watching the clock. I was practically out of my mind last week juggling various projects, and may not have made it to the other side of Thanksgiving without the tool that ultimately saved me countless hours in the kitchen.

The issue was this: my deliciously absurd mile high apple pie required 5½ pounds of apples. Last year when I made this pie, Jon and I toiled bitterly in the kitchen, slowly peeling, coring, and slicing while the apples turned a nasty shade of brown. This year, without the flexibility (read: lower time priority) offered by my lackluster salaried job, I decided to try an apple peeler.

The “apple machine” (as Laurel calls it) was the best kitchen purchase I have made in a long time. The tool is easy to use, and the giant pile of apples was prepped in 15 minutes. Laurel loved watching me make “giant apple spirals,” and now the apple machine gets prime kitchen shelf real estate due to frequency of use at snack time.

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