We Finally Smartened Up


One would think that with over a decade’s worth of collective graduate school years between us, Jon and I would have been able to figure out that the disparity between Laurel and our bedtimes – coupled with a single hotel room – would leave the adults hanging around in the dark. This is what happened during a vacation last year; we booked at a hotel that didn’t offer suites and by 7:30 pm Laurel was asleep, her crib rolled into the little passage en route to the bathroom, and Jon and I sat in the dark by the window, sipping wine out of plastic cups. Somehow whispering sweet nothings in the dark loses its punch when you have no choice but to whisper and sit in the dark.

Well, this year we finally smartened up. When we booked our Thanksgiving lodging we compromised and opted to book at a midrange hotel and shorten our stay so we wouldn’t feel bad about requesting two adjoining rooms. Not only did Laurel love running between the two rooms, but once we put her to bed we could still hang out in the adjoining room until we were ready to hit the lights.

Tip: The adjoining room doors only have doorknobs on one side; we wedged the hotel’s information folio in the door so it wouldn’t accidentally close and lock Laurel in on the other side.

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