Pure and Simple


Now that you’ve had a couple of weeks to recover from Halloween, it’s time to gear up for the good stuff and head to the new Taza Chocolate Lounge in Central Square.

Taza’s approach is blissfully minimal; they source cocoa beans directly from farming communities and co-operatives, and grind the beans into chocolate in their Somerville studio, focusing on the preservation of pure, single-origin flavors. Their products are offered at the Taza Chocolate Lounge, Thursdays and Fridays from 7:30 – 11:30pm, in partnership with Mariposa Bakery. In addition to coffee and select baked items from Mariposa, the Taza menu currently includes Madagascar chocolate ice cream, chocolate fondue, tasting plates of South American or Indonesian chocolate, and two types of iced or hot chocolate.

No reservations are required for this intimate yet casual drop in spot, but for groups of 8 or more, reservations are available at 7:30pm or 10pm. Taza also books private parties (25 person minimum) Sunday through Wednesday at Mariposa, and are pleased to accommodate birthday cakes or other requests in addition to their regular menu offerings. For details about private parties or factory tours, contact Larry Slotnick.

Taza Chocolate Lounge at Mariposa Bakery, 424 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, Tel: 617-876-6500