Appley Goodness


If you recently have gone apple picking and now are overrun with bushels and pecks, or if you just love fall apple treats, try this terrific and simple apple crisp recipe that I got from my Mom about 25 years ago.

The story is this: growing up, ours was one of only two Korean families in our town (the other family being relatives); it was no surprise then, when the public schools asked my Mom whether she would tutor an adopted Korean girl who was struggling in school. Despite having seven children of her own and a family business to run, my Mom couldn’t resist helping this student.

Not surprisingly, given uprooting and culture shock, this child was angry and wild; but my Mom’s patience and kindness (coupled with distinct “take no crap” undertones) persisted. By the end of the school year, this little girl could communicate with her classmates and teachers and was making friends. On the last day of school the kindergarten class presented my Mom with an apple crisp and the attached recipe.