Weekly Blueprint

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a great weekend, despite the turn in weather! I decided to combat my winter weather grumps with bundles of tulips, and I'm hoping the flowers around the house and in my office will make a difference! Anyway, let's kick off the first full week of April with a roundup of fun event ideas via the Weekly Blueprint. And if you didn't have a chance to read Friday's post on gratitude and imperfection, I hope you will do so this week!

April 4: First Monday at Jordan Hall presents a free chamber music concert (Boston)

April 4: Story Time at the Powisset Farm brings the possibility of a chicken encounter (Dover)

April 4-10: The Sound of Music Youth Version is presented by the Neverland Theatre (Salem)

April 4-15: An avant-garde presentation of Alice in Wonderland (Boston)

April 5: ASD Friendly Afternoon at the Discovery Museums (Acton)

April 5: Le Bestiaire exhibit opening, featuring costumes celebrating the animal kingdom (Boston)

April 5: This month's Travel Tuesday explores Australia (Boston)

April 5: It’s lambing time at Drumlin Farm, learn about them and help the farmer take care of the lambs (Lincoln)

April 6: Free First Wednesday at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum (Lincoln)

April 6, 30: Read "First Peas to the Table" and then plant some peas of your own (North Andover)

April 7: Explore the insides of everyday electronics during Take Aparts (Acton)

April 7: Have fun Tracking the Elusive Timberdoodle (also known as the American Woodcock) (Southborough)

April 7-10:AD 20/21: Art & Design of the 20th and 21st Century and Boston Print Fair (Boston)

April 7-10: Liz Joyce & A Couple of Puppets present The Doubtful Sprout (Brookline)

April 8: Make a kite in honor of National Kite Month (Acton)

April 8: Color Shabbat at the Center For Jewish Life (Arlington)

April 8: Enjoy a free bird walk, with binoculars provided if needed (Boston)

April 8:Sheep in a Jeep is the featured book at this Kids Kitchen Story Time (Boston)

April 8: Neighborhood Arts Community Concert with Quartet of Happiness (Cambridge)

April 8: A free Nature and Art Friday at the Museum of American Bird Art (Canton)

April 8: Astronomy Night on Turkey Hill -- bring a picnic dinner (Hingham)

April 8: Grind grains and make bread, visit a cow and make butter, and then enjoy (Lincoln)

April 8: Enjoy a froggy nght walk (Lincoln)

April 8: Explore the Vernal Pool Trail at It’s A Big Night at the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary (Topsfield)

April 8-9: Sasso and Company present Dancing the Distance (Cambridge)

Image Credit: Pixabay