Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Happy weekend, everyone -- I hope you're having a great one! After a very busy week (so many work + end of school year things on the calendar!), I'm looking forward to kicking back and relaxing, celebrating a couple of birthdays, and doing some happily mundane things like gardening and decluttering this weekend! Meanwhile, if you're looking to kick back with the internet, enjoy this roundup of reads/visuals that caught my eye.

- Supreme Court rules gay couples nationwide have a right to marry

- President Obama sings Amazing Grace during Charleston memorial

- It was fun to curate this Boston guide for families for Stay.com

- My hilarious and awesome friends Kristen and Liz recently launched their podcast Spawned

- A real family behind the quest for marriage equality

- Shelter puts dogs in a photobooth to get them adopted, and the results are all that

- Leaked e-mail between Jeb Bush and his graphic designer (LMAO!)

- Why scream for gelato instead of ice cream?

- Loving this summer reading challenge from Scholastic

- Baltimore woman vows to make her "relentlessly gay" yard even gayer after homophobic note

Image credit: star shaped berry hand pies via Pinterest