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Join Me at NKOTB This Thursday!

I’m a former music and brain scientist so it’s probably not surprising that I believe in the profound, visceral impact of music on daily life. And sort of accidentally (and totally awesomely!) this summer is turning out to be the summer of live music for me (three major concerts on the calendar...which is very unusual for me!), starting with New Kids on the Block, which I’m attending at TD Garden this Thursday as a correspondent for Cottonelle.

Okay, so you may be wondering, what’s the deal with Cottonelle? They will have a fun, cheeky (ha!) presence at various NKOTB The Main Event tour stops to share about their CleanRipple Texture product by offering concertgoers product, photo booth opps, and a chance to meet NKOTB or win signed NKOTB swag. And they’re so confident in the efficacy of their CleanRipple Texture that they’re inviting people to dare one another to Go Cottonelle and Go Commando (and if you post a dare online, you + friend will receive free samples).

Now, aside from being totally psyched to relive my 80's NKOTB fangirlness on Thursday, the Cottonelle intersection is bizarrely relevant to our daily life because I spend more time in the bathroom with 4-year-old Violet than I'd care to admit (she is all about negotiating who wipes what right now...). I'll just say that the CleanRipple Texture product and flushable wipes were effective yesterday.

Now, let’s warm up for Thursday’s concert with a NKOTB classic. Will you be there this Thursday? If you aren't able to attend, I'd love for you to join me virtually! I'll be sharing from Twitter and Instagram while I'm on the ground.

Disclosure: I’m attending and sharing about Cottonelle’s NKOTB The Main Event Tour sponsorship as a compensated #GoCommando correspondent. All opinions and thoughts are -- of course -- my own!

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