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Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend! Once again, we've got a rather crazy full Satuday and a very relaxed Sunday on tap, though it's definitely all good and fun things for today! If you're looking for some interesting content and visuals to absorb during downtime, here's what caught my eye around the web this week, via Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome. Enjoy and I'll be sharing the April vacation mega-roundup soon!

- The secret language of girls on Instagram.

- After 49 years, mother reunites with the daughter she thought died at birth.

- The moral bucket list.

- The fight of angels.

- A map of restaurants based on MBTA stops.

- The 10 most beautiful neighborhoods in America (Woo hoo #1! And here are 15 awesome local gems in that neighborhood.)

- 40 kids who got ridiculous detention slips and don't regret a thing.

- Girls with nagging moms grow up to be more successful. (I'm not wild about the link bait title, and keeping up with your kids isn't the same as being a Tiger mom, but still, an interesting research snippet!)

- Colorado teacher shares heartbreaking notes from third graders.

- Report debunks "earlier is better" academic instruction for young children.

Image credit: 15 sparkling drink recipes for spring via Pinterest

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