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8 Sources for Valentine's Day Inspiration

Given that it's early February and many of us are wrestling with the "what do we do now?" question as the snow days stack up (if the 10-day forecast is correct, we may have more forthcoming...SORRY!), I thought it would be a perfect time to roundup some ideas for Valentine's Day. It turns out there are some really great ideas swimming around in the archives; enjoy these free printables, crafts, treats, and relationship lessons.

1. The core of everything is relationships! These 4 simple love lessons are a really good place to start.

2. Isn't it amazing that the world is filled with so many beautiful free printables? I used #1 and #5 last year and will return to these 14 awesome free Valentine's Day printables for the girls!

3. If you have a kid who loves to focus on projects, these rosebud Valentine's are simply adorable (sorry, old photo skills don't do it justice!).


4. Here's a fun roundup of 10 lovely Valentine's Day craft and treat ideas.


5. Here are 3 easy Valentine's Day treats you can make with kids; I think I'm going to make the cake this year. YUM. CAKE.

6. If you want to create a treat that's a little fancier, try these Valentine's fudge cakes. YUM.

7. We keep things simple and don't really do Valentine's gifting in our house, but here's a cute idea for Valentine's Day color themed card kits -- you may be able to assemble this from craft scraps in your home (what's old is new!).


8. And here's an article I wrote a while back on creative ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day.

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