Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Hello lovely people, I hope you're enjoying a fantastic weekend! Today we've got a soccer game for Laurel and a fun evening planned with friends. I'm also thinking I need to try making these 30-minute homemade Snickers because OMG 30-minute homemade Snickers! They look amazing and also could be the undoing of me. Also, here are some interesting links that caught my eye this week. Happy reading/viewing and have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

- What you need to know about those selfie girls: I'm so glad the story behind this selfie came out.

- Why creatives don't succeed in traditional, 9-to-5 work environments: Every day I'm so grateful to be able to structure my day the way I want to. It doesn't mean there aren't challenges, but I'm still grateful!

- Things cats do that would be creepy if you did them: OMG.

- My kid's passion is forcing me to question the gospel of "balance": Asha is, as ever, so thoughtful and wise. And this post is a good reflection of that.

- The two Asian Americans: I have all the feelings about being Asian, and even more of them having recently read Unbroken. This is an interesting read from the New Yorker

- Sweets for smiles: The super impressive local high schoolers behind Oink Charities are offering a Halloween candy buying option that will help others. Check them out!

- Buying begets buying: How stuff has consumed the average American's life: IMO it's 100% true that the human tendency is to fill (and expand beyond) the space you have. I'm actually in the midst of a bunch of decluttering because I've realized I no longer want to store things. I want to be able to see everything I've got or not have it at all.

Image credit: 30-minute homemade Snickers via Pinterest