Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Hello, hello everyone, I hope you're having a great weekend! I had this Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome post half baked last week then got completely distracted by household things (included dreaded car woes)! Anyway, there are some great things in here related to parenting, personal growth, fashion, raising tweens/teens, and more. Also, be sure to listen to his episode on how to deal with homework craziness. Happy reading/listening!

- 8 things all kids must hear their parents say: Oh man, I consider myself pretty mindful when it comes to how I converse with my kids but this post by my friend Amy includes some excellent reminders and language shift recommendations (via Teach Mama)

- TIA Girl Club: This Kickstarter campaign to send monthly treasure boxes to inspire, educate, and empower tweens is pretty cool! (via Kickstarter)

- On failure, and not failure: I fell in love with Emily McDowell a while back when I learned about her amazing empathy cards, but this piece on failure (and not failure) is a wonderful read. (via Emily McDowell)

- The Working Parent Support Coalition: I tend to not want to sign up for more emails from anyone but I am all over this coalition to make things better for working parents. (via Working Parent Support Coalition)

- The carpal tunnel cure: My friend Morra sent me this link and I wanted to be sure to share it with my fellow sufferers! (via Goop)

- Infinite wardrobe with Le Tote: My friend Gabrielle always looks AMAZING. I'm so curious to try Le Tote after reading her post. (via Design Mom)

- Smarty Box: Science simplified: There are lots of kids craft kit boxes out there, but how cool is this? Science in a box! I just learned about this super cool Kickstarter via a mutual friend. 

- Why some 13-year-olds check social media 100 times a day: Down. right. terrifying. (via CNN)

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