Weekly Blueprint

Holy cow you guys, I'm still recovering from the shock of yesterday! Laurel enlisted my in-laws to help her plan a surprise anniversary party for Jon and me. They invited/tracked guests down via stealthily passed notes, phone chains, and the white pages (!); Jon and I returned from a day out to a house full of friends, family, food, and fun. Incredible! While I soak this in, I'll get Monday going for you via the Weekly Blueprint:

June 10 + 12: Berklee Performance Series: Ana and Marco (Boston)

June 11: Basket bombing workshop. (Harvard)

June 11: Storytime in the great outdoors. (Hingham)

June 11: It’s time to play in the park. (Lincoln)

June 12: Spring into Summer tree walk. (Acton)

June 12: Inspire Arts & Music concert in the park. (Boston)

June 12: Sample historic beer in a historic place. (Boston)

June 12 - 14: Puppet show: Jack and the Beanstalk (Brookline)

June 13: Get filthy with messy, squishy Dirtopia. (Acton)

June 13: Follow the road to the cup at Boston’s #1 soccer party. (Boston)

June 13: STEM night at the museum. (Boston) 

June 13: Mike, the Bubble Man. (Boston)

June 13: Father’s Day storytime and activity. (Cambridge)

June 13: Friday evening hayride and campfire. (Lincoln)

June 13: Listen to the sounds of the night. (Norfolk)

June 13: Full moon family hike. (Worcester)

June 13 + 14: Hyper-local craft brew fest. (Somerville)

Image credit: Fruitlands Museum