Weekend Roundup

Happy Friday everyone, how are you all doing with summer vacation? Yesterday was our first official day off and by about 10am, Laurel clearly was missing her friends already (it was a good thing she happened to have a midday birthday party to attend)! So commences play date scheduling before her camps start... Meanwhile, if you're in town this weekend, here are 16 events, lovingly curated for your consideration. Enjoy!

1. Meet the New England Aquarium without going into the city. (Acton) 

2. Art in the Village. (Barnstable)

3. The Boston Common Frog Pond opens for the season! (Boston)

4. Spice, fun, and food at the Boston JerkFest. (Boston)

5. Family play date at the ICA. (Boston)

6. Get messy for International Mud Day. (Boston)

7. Enjoy some Sunday Parkland Games. (Cambridge)

8. Dinoland grand opening. (Carver)

9. A grand opening festival. (Easton)

10. Let’s go ponding. (Framingham)

11. Wilson Farm strawberry festival. (Lexington)

12. Rolie Polie Guacamole at the Healthy Families Festival. (Natick)

13. Learn about butterflying in the backyard. (Newburyport)

14. A family fun day. (Somerville)

15. Spread your wings for this faery festival. (Wenham)

16. Family canoeing on the French River. (Worcester)

Image credit: Art in the Village