Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Hello folks, I hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend (and thank you rain, for watering all the plants and then departing to allow for lots of outdoor weekend fun!). This weekend is a perfect mix of social engagements, household projects, and a little bit of work time for me. If you're looking for some good reads/visuals, enjoy this week's Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome:

- How young is too young for a digital presence?

- 25 cities to visit in your lifetime.

- A decade of same-sex marriage began in Massachusetts.

- The best back stretches.

- A lovely sunny day.

- 50 completely unexplainable stock photos no one will ever use. OMG.

- The definitive manifesto for handling haters.

- How to style a coffee table.

- Why paternity leave is so important.

- My lovely friend Jessica has a book coming out + an amazing video that will make you cry (scroll to bottom of post).

Image credit: chocolate covered strawberry popsicles via Pinterest