Weekly Blueprint

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a fantastic weekend! It felt incredible to spend so much time outdoors and between nature adventures, yard work, bike rides, seed projects, errands, and ferrying kids to and fro, I found myself happily exhausted by the end of the day yesterday! I hope you have a great week on tap; enjoy this roundup of events via the Weekly Blueprint:

April 7 - 11: Brain Building in Progress Week continues at Boston Children’s Museum. (Boston)

April 7: The third in a series of French films at the Belmont World Film Festival. (Belmont)

April 8: Visit these little piggies who went to the farm. (Lincoln)

April 9: Fill your day with ARTfull Play. (Lincoln) 

April 9: Interactive music, art, and story time. (Wellesley)

April 10: Figure out where in the world you live. (Acton)

April 10: Mingle and meet with nonprofit groups looking for volunteers. (Boston)

April 10: Earth day parade. (New Bedford)

April 10 - 13: 14 of America’s best living playwrights share their thoughts on Motherhood Out Loud. (Wellesley)

April 11: The Greenway Carousel opens for the season. (Boston)

April 11: A fish-themed story time. (Cambridge) 

April 11: Family Autism Night at the museum (Easton)

April 11: A little practice for kindergarten. (Easton)

April 11: Preschool story hour. (Princeton)

Image credit: Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Facebook page

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